3D laser scanning and reverse engineering

By INGESER | 05/13/2021

BIM is present and future in the management of the life cycle of a building, in our case industrial. If my facilities are old, or if despite being modern they have not been designed with this methodology, does that mean that I can no longer opt for the advantages of BIM? The answer is no, and for that what I need is to resort to reverse engineering. In a normal engineering process, a new facility is designed, modeled, and built from there. With reverse engineering we start from something that already exists, and what we want is to obtain its modeling.  Surely any existing installation has design plans and even AS BUILT plans, but how accurate are these plans? Do I have a true three-dimensional model that includes both civil works and facilities? Have variations that have they been running after the installation started up? It is very common, when carrying out reform and improvement […]

Application of laser scanning in the expansion of industrial plants

By INGESER | 05/12/2021

What is the difference between using traditional methods of measurement and laser scanning projects expansion of industrial plants? Over the years, thousands of industrial building studies have been conducted using different measurement techniques. To carry out the survey of a complex architecture, such as the one we can find in industrial plants in the agri-food, pharmaceutical, logistics or chemical sectors, among others, methods such as direct surveying with a portable laser distance meter, or the traditional topographic measurement, have been used. But today the application of laser scanning offers very competitive advantages, especially in projects for the transfer, expansion, adaptation or improvement of industrial plants. When surveying facilities with laser scanning technology, our client will not have to worry about the measurement details, since with it we are capable of generating, through different positions, scans made up of millions of points that represent hundreds of thousands of measurements, allowing us […]

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Our corporate social and environmental responsibility

The principles of sustainability are integral to our work: designing buildings that run at a fraction of the current energy requirements, or urban quarters that can support thriving communities, improving the quality of life in a city for all.

Future factory plant and energy industry concept in creative graphic design. Oil, gas and petrochemical refinery factory with double exposure arts showing next generation of power and energy business.