INGESER, offers a consulting service for the optimization of the supply chain of its clients. Thanks to the experience acquired by the company in the management and organization of industries, we are able to integrate operations at the level of material flows and information flows, which cover the entire radius of suppliers, the production center, logistics operators , points of sale and end customers.

The consulting study includes all associated activities, from obtaining materials for the transformation of the product to its acquisition by the end customer.

The evolution of different collaborative software platforms makes it possible to reduce the costs associated with Supply Chain Management processes, and to integrate suppliers and clients into these workflows, allowing closer collaboration between the different agents of the value chain, streamlining the processes of management of safety, quality and environmental protection in the Supply Chain.

With this analysis, INGESER enables the client to optimize the total costs of the product delivered to the client by increasing productivity, reaching plans and alliances with suppliers at minimum delivery costs, eliminating activities that do not generate added value to the end client, and obtaining the maximum flexibility and speed in the supply chain.