Financing and Subsidies

Any company that has an investment project in perspective can benefit from local, national and international grants and subsidies.

INGESER's financing area is made up of a team of specialist consultants, who work with the objective of obtaining for their clients the Official Aid that may proceed at all times, carrying out all the management work.

INGESER has the necessary means to be permanently updated before the publication of any type of aid and subsidy, offering the client a personalized and comprehensive service for the optimization of their investments, ranging from the request for the aid to its subsequent settlement and collection. .

National Financing Area

We help our clients to make the best use of financial tools managed by national organizations. We analyze the investments and activities that each client plans to carry out and identify the programs or calls in which their projects can be framed.

From the time the application is submitted until the payment of the aid is achieved, INGESER carries out strict monitoring of the phases in which the file is located, informing the client at all times and presenting all the documentation required by the administration so that you can receive the maximum possible aid, both non-refundable and in the form of loans.

The subsidies department works together with the technical department, which informs us of the situation of the projects to detect any unforeseen event that may negatively affect the subsidy, allowing us to correct any incident in the file quickly, efficiently and professionally, which translates into success rates of around 90% of requests.

International Financing Area

INGESER offers its clients the preparation of the necessary documentation and the processing of the instruments to support internationalization offered by the Official Spanish Bodies, such as:

- Financing and / or contribution of COFIDES of investment projects abroad by Spanish companies.

- Long-term financing of projects abroad with a high component of Spanish contribution at preferential interest rates. These financings can be granted through FIEM credits from the competent Ministry at all times, or through Spanish or international banking entities covered by CESCE and / or private insurers. The second alternative is also subject to processing in the event that the contribution to the Project is the majority of some other European country under a coverage scheme of its corresponding ECA (Export Credit Agency).

INGESER has a team specialized in the different international financing programs, with many years of experience, knowledge and contacts in the public and financial sectors.